Friday, July 1, 2011

DIY meter light

DIY mmeter light...
change it from yellow bulb to BLUE LED
Example for Proton Wira)

Low power consumption and the important is looks GOOD!

Total Cost involved... LESS than RM20 !!!
What a cheap and nice DIY....

Here's how the meter looks like...

So...Lets get thing started...

Tools Required
Simple...just 2 Philips screw driver "+" sign

Here's the LED from accessories shop, there are few colors that suit your liking (BLUE,WHITE,RED...etc)

And here's the old BULB and the new LED closeup

Ok...Let us start by dismantle out the meter.
First of all...removed the two top screw using a short screw driver.
Take a look at the photo below (the one circle in yellow).

After unscrew, you can pull out the plastic panel... and your whole meter is exposed .
At the inside there are 4 screw to removed.
Here's the closeup for Left Side

And the Closeup for Right

After removed all the 4 screws... then carefully and slowly pull out the meter...

*The meter might not be a direct pull as you think might stuck halfway and you might need to turn the meter around to pull it out fully

Once either one of the meter leg(mouthing bracket) is broken... it might create rattle sound. So please be very careful when pulling your meter out.

Here's what you can see from the back when your meter had taken out.

As you can see... there are 4 circles (Yellow) and a square (Red).
Yellow circles means a larger size Bulb
Red means a smaller size Bulb

Here's the comparison for larger and smaller socket.
So,make sure you ready both smaller and larger LED before you start your work.

I would strongly advice you to removed out your meter and get your old sample bulb to the shop to purchase just in case size mismatch.
*Different model of meter use different quantity and size.

One more precaution,the new LED Led is not long enough so will not contact well to the socket...take a look at the bottom pic which circle in yellow

Don't push too inner like this
So...after changed all the LED then you can put all that in and reverse the process only.

Due to this is LED... so there is a polarity... so check before screw all...

Enjoy your DIY and pls share out you photo after you had done on yours.
You can leave your comment here for your link.


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